man ftp 可以看到有这些信息。 NAME ftp -- Internet file transfer program

SYNOPSIS ftp [-46AadefginpRtvV] [-N netrc] [-o output] [-P port] [-q quittime] [-s srcaddr] [-r retry] [-T dir,max[,inc]] [[user@]host [port]] [[user@]host:[path][/]] [file:///path] [ftp://[user[:password]@]host[:port]/path[/][;type=X]] [http://[user[:password]@]host[:port]/path] [...] ftp -u URL file [...] 连接服务器的话基本上就用到上面的讯息了。原本没有看man手册,一直使用 ftp port 每次都要输入密码。后来还是用了下面这个更加简单的 ftp


命令和Windows、Linux的命令基本相同 ftp> cd Documents ftp> ls
ftp> dir


put filename - Upload a file to the server

get filename - Download a file from the server

mput filename - Put multiple files on the server

mget filename - Get multiple files on the server


bye:中断与服务器的连接。 ftp> bye

大部分的命令如下,可敲入man ftp获得

ls – list the contents of a directory on the FTP server cd – change the working directory on the FTP server pwd – show the current directory on the FTP server get – download files from the FTP server put – upload files to the FTP server account – include a password with your login information bye – terminate an ftp session and close ftp (or use disconnect to simply terminate a session) bell – make a cute sound after each file transfer is done chmod – change permissions delete – your guess is as good as mine (OK, you got me, it’s to delete a file off the server) glob – enable globbing hash – only functional in Amsterdam help – get help lpwd – print the local working directory for transfers mkdir – create folders on the FTP server rmdir – delete folders from the FTP server newer – only get a file if it’s newer (great for scripting synchronizations) nmap – use positional parameters to set filenames passive – use FTP passive mode prompt – allows the use of letters to automate answers to prompts rate – limit the speed of an upload or download


ftp -d << ftpEnd
cd /Library/WebServer/Documents
put “*.html”
put “*.php”
cd /Library/WebServer/Documents
put “*.png”

ftp -d << ftpEnd
cd /My/Documents
get “*.doc”


%/ – the current working directory of the FTP server
%M – the hostname of the FTP server
%m – the hostname only up to the .
%n – the username used for the FTP server

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